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Google code is a development environment for open source projects.

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Google Android Codelab code snippets license

Let us say I create a recycler view for MyFeedItem using snippets from this codelab I copy snippets from the mentioned codelab to create below file first class SleepNightDiffCallback : DiffUtil....
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Can i use google text to speech app for comercial use? [closed]

i have taken AOSP code and build for my system? AOSP does not provide apk for google text to speech apk. Now i want to build application which supports tts using google text to speech engine so i ...
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How does C# GMap.Net.Windows NuGet Package and Google Maps licensing work ? Is it legal to use both for commercial use?

I'm developing tracking software using c# windows forms and the NuGet GMap.NET.Windows package by Jurgen De Leon Rodriguez. The problem is will it be legal to use the GMap package in my c# application ...
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How to License a software that uses google drive API

I recently developed a software which currently uses google drive API for some functionalities, i am looking forward to release the software to the public for free. however i am not sure on which kind ...
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Can I edit software under GNU Lesser GPL for my paid app [duplicate]

I'm building a chat bot based on Alice AIML set providing here: I'm planning to edit this AIML set and expand it by adding new phrases. ...
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Can we share Season or movies based GIF's in Mobile Apps? [closed]

i am developing android app , which contain some content related to a hollywood SEASON Friends , it's basically a video file / GIF type thing , Does google allow this ? or is there any change my ...
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Chromium move once Google Code becomes read-only [closed]

Chromium development is still very much active on Google Code, which will turn read-only on August 25th 2015. What are the plans to move Chromium development?
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How can I recover content from an open source project host that has shut down?

Codehaus shut down earlier this year. Many projects that were hosted there, including JIRA pages like this one, are now broken. What can I do to access all the lost content of projects that were ...
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