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Use this tags for questions about the connections between movies and open source, be it movies licensed under open source or the implications of using open source tools to create a movie

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Can we share Season or movies based GIF's in Mobile Apps? [closed]

i am developing android app , which contain some content related to a hollywood SEASON Friends , it's basically a video file / GIF type thing , Does google allow this ? or is there any change my ...
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Are derived videos of ShareAlike licensed material subject to CC BY SA?

If a video were to include media released under a Creative Commons share-alike license, would the final video also need to be released under a similar license since it is a derivative?
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How do I ensure my documentary adheres to Open Source principles as closely as possible?

The question Do open source movies exist? and specifically this comment made me curious about Open Source movies. It seems like most Open Source movies are animated, which makes sense since you can ...
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Do open source movies exist?

I've encountered open/free (as in freedom) music, books, hardware, knowledge and naturally software. But do open source movies also exist? Is that even possible?
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