A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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Licensing refers to applying a license to an area of software. Only use this tag if your question concerns the application of a license to an area of interest. If your question concerns a specific lic…
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The GNU's General Public License, a commonly-used free software license. The GPL has various versions, v1-v3, so use this tag only for questions talking about overarching issues of the licenses or sha…
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the comparison of two or more licenses to determine if certain usages and actions can be made. Use this tag if the question would like to determine the compatibility of licens…
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for questions pertaining to the MIT/Expat license or the MIT/X11 license.
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The General Public License, offered by GNU. Use this tag if the question involves version 3 of the license.
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For questions asking the community to recommend a particular license that meets criteria provided by the future licensor. Any question that seeks to have an open license is allowed, even if the criter…
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on questions about the copyrighting process and principles. Questions solely pertaining to general copyright are off topic.
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a license created by the Apache Software Foundation. Use this tag when the item in question relates to this license.
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for questions about the GNU Lesser General Public License, how to apply it, or how to re-use works under this license
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For questions about works that derive their core from another open work.
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anything to make money. This tag is for question about making money with open source or other interferences between open projects and commercial activity. Warning: an open sour…
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a web-based Git repository hosting service, which offers free accounts for FLOSS software projects. Use this tag for questions about how working with GitHub affects open source projects.
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For questions about the content and placement of license, copyright, and disclaimers
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Questions about GNU General Public License Version 2.
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For questions about the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL)
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For questions about the Creative Commons licenses and the organization behind them. There are many Creative Commons licenses, so if you are asking a question about a specific license be sure to state …
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For questions about the legal aspects of open source. Questions asking for legal advice are off-topic. You should consider mentioning the relevant legal jurisdiction in your question.
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for the BSD family of permissive open-source licenses. Use on questions about them; their origins, use, and design.
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Questions about changing the license of a work which has already been published under a different license (or published under all-rights-reserved copyright)
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if the question concerns the distribution of an object, package or notice to the developer or public community.
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Questions about how to correctly attribute the authors of works in derived works
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For questions about works whose authors retain the ability to control derivates or distribution as given to them by copyright law
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For questions about the copyleft concept (also known as Share-Alike), a concept that promotes or enforces the use of the same or compatible license for derived works.
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For questions about contributors, and their resources and conditions. Use the collaboration tag if your question is specific to interaction between contributors.
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Works can be released under two (or more) licenses, which may or may not be compatible, giving recipients the choice of which terms they will abide by
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For questions about software in an open-source context; its uses and limitations.
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For questions about the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) licenses.
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a human-readable collection of instructions in a programming language used to produce a computer program.
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for questions about creating either a private or competing version of an existing open project.
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For questions about the usages and roles of patents within open projects. This can concern protection of projects/patents, and their implications in licensing, projects, and usages.
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For questions about the management of content or resources within a project.
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For questions about the legal documents covering contributions from outside a project's core team.
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For questions about closed-source software and how it relates to open source.
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for questions about the definition of open source
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Use for questions about the collaboration aspects of developing open projects
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For questions concerning the use of linked libraries such as DLLs and linked JARs.