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Is EPL compatible with Apple App Store?

I heard that there are some known issues with publishing GPL software on App Store and GPL may be incompatible with restrictions placed by App Store. EPL (Eclipse Public License) is another copyleft-...
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I would like to embed ffmpeg in my app for the Mac App Store. Is this compliant with the license ? is there any other blocker to achieve my goal? [closed]

I am developing an application for macOS on the Mac App Store, and I would like to embed ffmpeg into the application's binary. Is this compliant with the ffmpeg license and does anybody have ...
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What license should I use if my code on GitHub includes Apple's ARKit and SceneKit?

I'm currently developing an app based on Apple's ARKit and I'm just wondering what licenses should I use for this project as none of these libraries demonstrated what licenses they are currently using,...
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Does the GPLv3 give recipients the legal right to circumvent technological measures imposed on them by third-party redistributors?

To my understanding, a distributor of GPLv3 software who does not have any right to redistribute software except by becoming a GPLv3 licensee, and knowingly distributes GPLv3 software agrees to ...
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Is Apple allowed to distribute GPLv3-licensed software through its iOS App Store?

This question is specifically about GPLv3, LGPLv3, and Apple's App Store for iOS devices. Given the additional restrictions Apple imposes on iOS users (i.e. not allowing them to modify and run GPLv3 ...
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Is there any foundation publishing open-source application on App Store for free?

I would imagine steps like this The community (current maintainers) makes request to the foundation about publishing an application to App Store. Note that only the current maintainers can submit ...
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Can I publish my iOS app store app code to GitHub under MIT/GPL

I am about to start developing an iOS app which will be published on Apple App Store. While developing this app, I am thinking to push all the code to GitHub public repository; pull requests from ...
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How can I exclude a target platform from an open source licence?

I'm developing a software using a game engine that can cross compile the result for different targets (HTML, Android, IOS). I'm planning to release the software under an open source licence. Eg. ...
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Can I edit software under GNU Lesser GPL for my paid app [duplicate]

I'm building a chat bot based on Alice AIML set providing here: I'm planning to edit this AIML set and expand it by adding new phrases. ...
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GNU GPL dual license with CC-BY-ND?

In a project that I am working on, I would like to use the GNU GPL software license, but I also don't want to have any possible problems distributing my software. For instance, there were some ...
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GPL-FE (font-exception) on Apple App Store?

It seems that GPL is not compatible with the Apple App Store due to the differences regarding Apple's ability to impose further restrictions. Does this also affect fonts bundled with the app? In ...
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Recourse for forks ignoring open source license on original code in App Store?

I used to contribute to a free iOS app on GitHub that was released under the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0. Multiple people have since taken the code from that GitHub repository and released ...
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Are there any GPL like licenses for Apple App Store?

GPL software is not allowed onto the Apple App Store. The FSF shows how the GPL2 is not compatible with the App Store terms of service. Along the same lines, we'll be talking about GPLv2 ...
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Is the Mozilla Public License compatible with Apple's App Store?

I'm planning on open-sourcing an application soon, and I've settled on either GPLv3 or the Mozilla Public License 2.0, as this application has a massive community surrounding it, and I still want ...
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