I'm developing tracking software using c# windows forms and the NuGet GMap.NET.Windows package by Jurgen De Leon Rodriguez. The problem is will it be legal to use the GMap package in my c# application with google maps for commercial use? How does the licensing work, do I have to pay for something ?

https://github.com/judero01col/GMap.NET/wiki/License, the license say you can use GMap for development but

WARNING: This software can access some map providers and may viotile (sic) their Terms of Service, you use it at your own risk, nothing is forcing you to accept this Source itself is legal!

scares me


The code appears to be legal to use as it's under some sort of permissive license. I read this disclaimer as a hint that Google Maps licensing is separate.

For Google Maps you need to comply with ToS and may be required to pay: https://cloud.google.com/maps-platform/pricing/.

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