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Can you commercialize your own GPL product? [duplicate]

I've been wanting to make my own open-source project under the GPL. However, I was thinking of making a paid "professional" version that adds features that are closed-source. Is this possible? Edit:...
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Does the GPL/RPL Apply to me as Well? [duplicate]

I want to create a commercial application, but I want to make a significant portion of my back-end open source. It applies some really interesting math that I want people to learn from, but I don't ...
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GPL copyright owner copyleft [duplicate]

If a GPL owner decides to make their code close sourced, say to make a derivative work for themselves (maybe commercialize), what steps should they take? If they need to rewrite their code, what ...
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If the original author updates their program, is it now a modified work? [duplicate]

Lets say programmer Ed has made program foo and the program is licensed under the GPL license. If Ed updates his program, is that now a derivative or modified work? What if John contributes to ...
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Can I close source a derivative work of an OSS project I am the copyright holder? [duplicate]

I have a new project that will be open source, but want a fork to override some implementations just for me. (a package inside a Go project) I am the copyright holder of the project (upstream) I have ...
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Do I own GPLv3 code that I wrote? [duplicate]

This is a hypothetical question, that has not happened, so please no advice. If I publish some code on GitHub with the GPLv3 license, then want to use that code in proprietary software that I will ...
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Do I need to share source code with GPL/AGPL if I am the owner? [duplicate]

if I build something under GPL/AGPL license, am I obligated to share that code if I have users using this service event when I am the owner of the code?
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Can I use my own GPL'ed code in my closed source program?

Let's say that program A was made by me, with me being the sole copyright holder. If I license this program under the GPL-3.0, can I use that program in program B that is closed source?
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Red Hat acquires Ansible - why?

In October 2015, Red Hat acquired Ansible, the developer of the famous configuration management software Ansible, apparently for a price of about $100M. Ansible, the software, AFAIK is licensed fully ...
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Does software released under GPLv3 require a copyright notice?

If a project using GPL-3.0-or-later doesn't include a copyright notice, does it violate the license? What would the consequences be? I'm asking because
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Can I sell my project using GNU GPL v3?

At first, I always developed commercial projects only, so I bad know GNU licenses. Now, I want to make my library available for other developers. And maybe to find co-developers. So, I chosen GNU GPL ...
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Can I give the software gratis but charge for the source (and still be FOSS)?

A friend and I developed a software which we would like to be free as in freedom. We would like our software to be available to anyone for no money, but we would like to sell the source code to those ...
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Under what conditions can someone dual licence existing works?

When software is diffused under an open-source licence I imagine that a project becomes the "intellectual property" of the community. However, I'm not clear about this answer in that an author agrees ...
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Can I link (and distribute) a closed source library within my (GPL) open source software?

I could not find a good answer to this except here. Maybe it's trivial, or maybe it's just uncommon. I want to develop an open source application, and I am keen to use a GPL license, but I need to ...
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Can I release a fork of an LGPL project under a commercial licence?

In the past I have made use of a third party project released under the LGPL licence. Recently the owner/creator of the project has archived the original repo and created a new version (seemingly ...
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