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Questions tagged [floss]

For questions about Free/Libre and Open Source Software. You can ask about the origin of the word, or it rationale for naming. For general cases, use the [terminology] tag.

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What happens If a LGPL-licensed shared libraries are dynamically linked to GPL-licensed files of same package?

I'm integrating a component in my commercial software called ABC, in which some part of code is licensed under LGPL and some part it is licensed under GPL. And there are some shared libraries created ...
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How to fairly distribute a sum of money among the most relevant FLOSS projects to a codebase?

I'm facing a dilemma. As a independent software developer and vendor, I code and sell the product of my work making some profit out of it. It's not much, it won't make me rich, but it's enough to make ...
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Need Help Choosing a FOSS License for a Swift Package With Specific Requirements [duplicate]

Stack Overflow community! I'm working on a Swift package and am having some trouble deciding which FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) license to use. I have specific requirements and am hoping ...
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Can FOSS software licenses (e.g. MIT, Apache, GNU, etc.) apply to documents without the need to be rewritten?

I wish to share some documents in the .md format and to license them permissively. Do I need to specifically seek a license that specifically covers the scope of static documents, or can I use a ...
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AGPLv3, (DNS) Host files, and DNS SaaS

I co-develop a FOSS DNS client and a DNS stub-resolver which builds blocklists based off of the nextdns/metadata repository. Recently, I happened to notice that there's at least one AGPLv3 blocklist (...
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17 votes
4 answers

How can I deal with this (predatory?) scenario?

This question is related, but it is different to this one: How can I forbid shady resale practices? Scenario: Suppose that a small team or startup (company A), develops a good software project, which ...
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Where is the VLC changelog? [closed]

There was finally (after like a year) a new minor version of VLC released. Neither the program itself, nor the website, says one single word about what changes have been made. I've spent like an hour ...
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21 votes
3 answers

Is Firefox really open sourced?

I've been using Firefox for a while now and I am quite satisfied by it. I have always heard that it is open source, and I recently tried looking on GitHub to see if there was some sort of repo with ...
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What are possible reasons for freeware not being OSS or even FOSS? [closed]

For Microsoft Windows, there exists a lot of software which can be downloaded gratis, granting full access to all features without paying, which is not however OSS or FOSS. This occurred to me when ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Code obfuscation in FOSS source code

Is code obfuscation allowed in FOSS source code as per any of the popularly used FOSS licenses? If it is allowed, to what degree and extent?
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6 votes
0 answers

Recursive license implications for third party FOSS components? [duplicate]

I'll use Qt as an exmaple: If I use Qt for a commercial software, I have to consider the Qt licensing, but at the same time Qt states many own third party components with different FOSS licenses. e.g. ...
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1 answer

Can the US Government require registration to obtain government-developed code?

I've heard that it is against US Government policy to require registration in order to download US Government-developed Open Source code. But I couldn't find definitive answer via 15 minutes of ...
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9 votes
1 answer

AGPL v3 licensing: How does external party determine if modifications were made?

When using an AGPL v3 licensed software within a public-facing web application hosted on a private server, you are obligated (section 13) to share your code if you modify the original AGPL code. Many ...
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2 answers

Licence for open-source code which is part of proprietary code?

I've a proprietary program which is using OOP classes which I want to publish as FOSS (only the classes). Which FOSS compatible license I can choose for the classes which will work with my ...
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What happens if I use a FOSS library and distribute my program with the proprietary license?

As I said in the title I have created a software that contains a library that has FOSS license.. 1) can I distribute my project with proprietary license (either sell it or give it for free) ? 2) If ...
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32 votes
7 answers

How is selling FLOSS packages for monetary compensation a viable strategy?

This question is about selling FLOSS and its source-code. According to Selling Free Software and commercial purpose, Free Software can be distributed with or without charge. My friend asked me two ...
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Are there any open source Software as a Service projects?

According to this page Cloud software is slightly different than conventional software. As a general rule, you don't get access to the source code, even if the hosted software is built entirely on ...
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What is the difference between FOSS and FLOSS?

FOSS stands for "Free and Open Source Software", whereas FLOSS stands for "Free/Libre/Open Source Software". The use of libre denotes the idea that the software is "free as in free speech, not free ...
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