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I am a senior software engineer, having worked over 20 years in the fields, mostly as a consultant in embedded systems, software development and firmware design. I have been working with IoT, realtime and/or distributed systems, as well as some medical/life science, all involving anything from Linux and Android, down to ARM Cortex-M, C167, 8051 and PICs. SPI, I2C, CAN, MODBUS, USB, UDP/TCP/IP, JSON, HTTP, driver development - anything goes.

Assignments have varied from advanced system design in complex systems and state-of-the-art investigations to programming-from-scratch or bug-fixing.

I relocated from Skellefteå, the city in which I was raised, to Malmö in 1999, and have been working as a professional software developer ever since.

Photography is my secondary interest, and after high-school, I participated in launching a local-TV station in Skellefteå. At about the same time, I developed another keen interest of mine; politics. Apart from my Ba. Sc. CE., I am also educated as a professional TV-photographer, worked for the major Swedish TV channels SVT, TV4 and Kanal 5. When I lived in Eslöv, I represented one of the largest political parties as a member of the city council and the city board.

My teenage dreams of becoming a famous rock star have been replaced with an interest in watching the real rock stars perform. Nevertheless, I still occasionally play drums, try to learn how to play guitar and have built a small studio in my apartment, or just fiddle around with small model aircrafts.

Yes, I have too many interests, and too little time!


Ba. Sc. CE. Senior Software Designer, Embedded Software

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