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Jason Brennecke
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I'm both a Web Developer and Gamer at heart. I taught myself HTML, CSS, and some Java-Script out of self interest. I started development back when things like GeoCities and PHP-Nuke/CPG-Nuke were known and popular. I have expierence with many different software products ranging from phpBB to WordPress. I strongly support FOSS (Free Open Source Software) as it is exactly what drove my self interest to learn. I believe all code should be free to edit and free to use as well as free to distribute. I use both Windows and Linux in web development and prefer tools and software that work on both. I like coding to standards and validation is thus important to me so I bitterly hate Internet Explorer like most. Oh yeah, I taught myself computer repair as a teenager by visiting thrift shops and purchasing 8086's, 286's etc and repairing/rebuilding them with my cousin. Now days everyone that knows me brings their computers, laptops, sometimes tablets and phones for me to fix and the business keeps coming because I charge a fraction of what it cost to take it to a repair shop. Back to Software; WordPress's model appeals to my interest to develop and while I haven't made any public plugins or themes yet, I definitely plan to and hopefully soon!

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