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"GitHub Stars" is a very useful metric. But for *what*?
5 votes

What do GitHub Stars measure I take the stars as a measure of awareness, meaning that projects with lots of stars might be known to many people and projects with only a few stars may be relatively ...

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Can a gap in a license coverage on a VCS be exploited?
Accepted answer
4 votes

Files not covered by any license notice are considered "all rights reserved". I don't see how this can reasonably be exploited in any meaningful way. If you like, you can with many source ...

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Is use of CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 library in open source project a derivative work?
2 votes

The CC-BY-NC-ND license allows you to Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format That means, you can surely add it to your repository as long as the license stays intact. ...

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Can I move an in-line license to a file?
1 votes

There are some practical reasons against doing it: If someone took single files out and moved them somewhere else it would be more convenient for them if the full MIT license was kept, so he/she ...

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Is a license bound to a commit?
0 votes

...the new license still applies to the source-code as a whole... Probably not. The new license applies to the items it was designed to apply. For many common licenses this are the files that are ...

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How to deal with copy-left in source-code history prior open-sourcing?
-1 votes

Yes, this project most probably violates the GPL? By making the entire Git repository available to the community you also publish these early versions. Every publicly available commit constitutes a ...

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