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Hi, Harshit is a full-stack software developer with 5 years of experience (+1 years freelancing) in FinTech and HumanResourcesTech domains. He has worked with an early-stage startup, an MNC and a mid-level startup in the last five years with a demonstrated history of being a quick learner, persistent problem solver and a tech team leader.

He has successfully delivered, scaled and maintained 5 development projects and 3+ consultation projects.

Skillset. • Tech stack - Postgres, (Spring (4.x/5.x)/Spring Boot (1.x/2.x)) Java, (JQuery/Angular/Node) Javascript and Python. (For Thanks and OC Tanner.) • Experienced in Django, Mlflow, Tensorflow and server-related operations in a Python environment. (For Fintify.) • Miscellaneous Skills - Scripting, automation, excel. • Startup consultant: Automation, full-stack application, Internet Of Things, etc.

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