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I fed software before software ate the world ;-)

Short background:

  • 1984 First contract signed for the distribution of my own software. I was 16, fluent in Basic, Pascal, Z80 assembler and M, a portable cross-platform assembler targeting the major available 8, 16 and 16/32 bits CPUs;

  • 1985 Adopted C as mother tongue. At that time Standard C didn't exist and K&R was the only true reference. Still have the #1 issue of the "C journal" (no, it was not yet called "the C user's journal");

  • 1991 Adopted C++ as new main language. Actually it was the macintosh MPW implementation of ATT C++ 2.0. At that time templates didn't exist, STL was yet to come, and the best way to have cool generic containers was to implement some using multiple inheritance.

  • Since 1993, in team lead, project management, consulting and management positions in the field of software and information systems.

I love to co-create products, work in dynamic and interactive teams, design complex system, and code.

I'm here to help, share knowledge, and have fun solving software design and coding issues, hoping to somehow contribute to the software profession.

All views are my own and do not represent those of my employer.

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