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Why do some people refer to Linux as GNU/Linux?
16 votes

It's to distinguish GNU/Linux from other operating environments built on Linux. Each of the following environments combines Linux proper, which is a kernel, with a different "userland", or set of ...

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Are Copyleft and Share-Alike synonyms?
11 votes

The terms "copyleft" and "ShareAlike" both refer to reciprocal licensing, in which downstream users receive the same rights to your changes that you received for the original work. But copyleft is a ...

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What happens to an open source project when the copyright expires?
7 votes

In theory, a computer program whose copyright expires enters the public domain, which is largely equivalent to an all-permissive free software license without attribution, such as the WTFPL. But in ...

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Is any problem domain off-limits to open source development?
4 votes

One area where free software will not reasonably compete in the foreseeable future is playback software for premium video. Movie studios make their works available for rental and enforce the terms of ...

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