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Common practice on GitHub and license/copyright
13 votes

Licenses only matter if there is a conflict between programmers. If programmers don't get in any conflict or dispute, then you can be as informal as you want and everything will go fine. According to ...

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Can projects undergo a hostile takeover?
8 votes

Yes. To do so, you need to fork a project (thereby becoming the BDFL of that new project) and just simply have your fork be more popular than the original project. It's not really hard at all, ...

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Licensing for a pre-alpha software which is intended to be eventually released open source
Accepted answer
6 votes

I would endorse @curiousdanni's comment: "Just use whatever license you want to use when it is finished." If you are afraid people are going to use your project before it is fully complete, don't be. ...

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How did memtest86 transition from GPL to closed-source?
5 votes

Starting from MemTest86 v5, the code was re-written to support self booting from the newer UEFI platform. MemTest86's History If you have written new code, then you own the copyright of that code and ...

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If I create a derivative work of code that follows a protocol, am I still bound by its license?
3 votes

Typically, to avoid any contamination, you have to do a Clean Room implementation of this code. In my interpretation of it, this would mean not having any memory of the exact syntax of the code and ...

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Re-licensing software in the public domain as CC0
0 votes

Yes. If the work is the public domain, you are free to do as you please, including re-licensing it.

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How should I license my source code?
0 votes

You can't really stop people from doing something "evil" with your code. However, most licenses carry a 'warranty' statement disclaiming any liability for damages that your program may cause, which ...

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Does physically removing GPL code relieve combined work from GPL publication requirements?
-1 votes

Alice sues Bob for violating the terms of the GPL. I am assuming here that Bob is linking to Alice's GPL library and using it for his project, but has decided to keep his own project under the MIT. ...

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