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I once dreamt of becoming a medical doctor to save lives, but ever since I wrote my first BASIC code to solve a 3x3 matrices, coding has becoming an essential part of my life, giving me a new mission. Coding is what I do to calm down when tension runs high. My passion for coding keeps me coding every day ever since with the believe that I can literally change the world for the better.

I am NOW a developer on a mission to make the world a better place.

To achieve my mission, I try to:
➤ Be PASSIONATE about what I do. There can never be success without passion.
➤ Give extreme ATTENTION TO DETAILS. Hence, I write elegant codes that are maintainable and well thought out, considerably reducing technical debt to the barest minimum.
➤ LEARN and keep learning fast. Great leaders are good learners. My aim is to get the work done. Hence, I am willing to learn any technology, and learn from people around me as well.
➤ COACH others. I can’t change the world alone. I need to validate what I know and still impact knowledge. Some of my trainees are already full-time developers.

My first paid job was a test of my passion, attention to details and creativity. I created a web application that the company used for outsourcing jobs. The application was in use both in Nigeria and in India, and it generated good revenue for the company. While my next job tested my ability to learn and adapt in an unfamiliar industry. The application I built helped curbed fraudulent activities that has been ongoing in the company, and increased the company’s monthly income by over 7 million naira. Also, I architected a SaaS application to manage a logistic ecosystem, which has increased clients’ revenue and accountability among clients’ staff members.

To keep my wit as one on a mission, I found it difficult to stop coding even on weekends and during the night. My life revolves around coding. I recently reviewed a code ( and the client reported a 30% increase in the performance of the application. I have been part of several entrepreneurial drives in recent years. I WANT TO MAKE THE WORLD BETTER.

I strongly believe in building lasting relationship with everyone I cross path with. Most of my bosses and colleagues (both past and present) are my friends. I believe I cannot survive without people. Hence, I look forward to meeting and working with new people. There are lots to learn from others.

Please reach out if our mission align. I would be happy to work with you or your organization.

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