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Diehard Linux user. Tried out Linux in a VM once and was captivated. I've not used Windows as the main OS for my computers in two years. I currently use various Ubuntu variants (including Lubuntu) and Chrome OS for my daily drivers. I am skilled in the use of multiple programming and documentation languages. I also actually enjoy writing software documentation.

About three years ago at the time of this writing, Stack Exchange wrongfully fired one of their top moderators, Monica Cellio, stripped her of her moderator privileges, and publicly tarnished her reputation, as documented here: Thankfully, she recovered from the incident, and it has now left a dark blot on SE's history. I was infuriated to learn about this, as I went through a similar (though ten or a hundred times less horrible) experience on r/TrueChristian on Reddit. I can't support a place that can treat people so horribly. I have therefore decided to only continue using SE inasmuch as it is necessary for me to actively help people seeking technical support, or to find info I need to learn how to do things. For everything else I once used SE for (including helpful info that I want to publicize), I'm switching to Codidact. See you there.

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