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I started programming in 1994 ( in C ) and got my first programming job in 1995: the back end for a furniture design shop in Milan, built in Access. In the following 15 years I almost graduated in medicine, worked as a full time DJ, managed night clubs, did fashion shows, owned a restaurant and traveled around the world. I got back to programming in 2010.

I've been in the top 100 on StackOverflow twice: number 63 on the site in July 2011 and number 73 in March 2012

I'm a fast learner and I can code in multiple languages. Currently I run my own company which delivers PHP/React/React Native/node.js projects for companies big and small, in the US and in the UK. I've experience in leading teams working with clients, being constrained on time and/or budget and project management (SCRUM). I ONLY work remotely and asynchronously.

Before starting my company I worked 9 years as a full stack developer: 6 with important agencies ( 10up, Webscience ), 3 with a Vancouver based startup.

Currently I am working on:

  • A real estate React Native App
  • I'm the tech lead for 10up for a project for one of the most import foundations in the World
  • on a complex React app for a french startup
  • on a website which enables foundations to give grants, wordpress based
  • 3 or 4 other projects, either for 10up or for private clients.

In the past I worked on:

  • I worked on a complex React Native app based on live streaming and video chat with some interesting twists. App is submitted and ready for relase
  • I created a React/Redux/Sagas application which is an admin console for an API. I started from the Zeplin mock ups and developed the whole App
  • I worked as a contractor for 10up for a year long project to build a custom CMS based on Drupal-AWS-GraphQl-React. I worked on all layers of the application
  • I engineered a WordPress Multisite for a ticketing agency in the UK
  • I created a facebook clone app in React Native for a sport community.

Besides programming I like finance, competitive card games and squash.

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