Douglas Drumond Kayama

I'm a tech lead at Pipefy, previously on Experiments squad, now on the mobile squad. My software development background is on mobile, I worked most of my career as an Android developer. I worked at Eldorado Research Institute both as an Android app developer and on low-level stuff (Android platform, modem, C, C++, NDK and things like that). I honed my skills at Movile, Mokriya, and 99. I graduated in Computer Science, but I have a secret love for Applied Mathematics (I'm 85% major in Applied Math) and how to use both to solve problems. I had a small gap when I opened a startup in Business Intelligence, before coming back to Android.

I'm the founder of Google Developer Group Campinas. Currently, I'm one of the moderators of Android Dev BR, the largest Brazilian community for Android developers, with around 5000 members.

I put my thoughts on Café Linear.

I'm also a photographer by passion, follow me on Instagram or Flickr.