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What are the upsides for a company to contribute to an open-source software they use?
10 votes

One major advantage is that by sending changes upstream, a company no longer has to maintain their set of downstream changes. Suppose I add a compression feature to Gizmo 1.0. If I don't share my ...

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When to list contributors
Accepted answer
8 votes

I think it matters, and everyone should be listed, and I think the reasons are almost entirely moral. Limiting the list to the core team fails to acknowledge major contributors. Leaving contributors ...

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Can I select who can contribute to my Open Source Project?
6 votes

Carefully selecting which changes are accepted, and which are rejected is one way that you control the direction of your project. Accept all submissions, and you'll end up with a mess, or at the very ...

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How do I stop people from opening questions in the issue tracker?
4 votes

It sounds like you need to provide an outlet - some acceptable place - for questions to be asked. That could be a mailing list, online group, IRC and so on.

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How can I convert users to contributors?
3 votes

Talk to them. Learn about their workflow, use cases, needs. Ask them to write up what improvements would benefit them most. Ask them to enter them as feature requests. Ask them to compare various ...

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How can I find usage statistics for an open source project?
0 votes

You can build a website that hosts your project's online documentation, latest news, etc. You can then track the relative popularity over time, based on traffic. You can use this to indicate ...

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