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Proficient in iOS and Xamarin. Experience in delivering over 20+ Applications): -Transform business requirements into maintainable software solutions. -Delegating tasks to development team and ensuring quality norms are maintained. -Interacting with Project Manager/ Clients, adhering to plans & schedules.

Also open to opportunities in: ReactNative/Flutter These are promising cross platform mobile technologies. I have taken beginner courses and created sample applications in these technologies. The right applications created with these can result in cost saving as well ease of maintenance for prospective clients.

Blockchain Applications I have gone through Hyperledger fabric for blockchain applications. I have interest and see a lot of promise in insurance, medical and banking applications with blockchain. Would be open to working with prospective clients or even in individual capacity on Proof of concept/Value

Chatbots I created a chatbot with Dialogflow to automate prescreening of candidates for interviews. Chatbots can automate a lot of repetitive jobs which involve human interaction. Would be open to working with clients interested in automating such operations.

Reach out to me at: vikramgore2007@gmail.com