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Sean Francis N. Ballais
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I'm a CS undergraduate currently studying in the University of the Philippines Visayas Tacloban College. Python is my favorite language but I am interested in other languages too. I'm more versed with web development but I am eager to try out other fields. I am also the co-community manager of a local developer community, Dev8. Outside of technology, I also do a bit of photography, and some graphics design work. Videography is interesting to me as well.


  •, for personal and business communications (still down, use my second email address below for now).
  •, for personal and business communications and serves as my backup email address. Use this one for emailing me.
  •, for academic-related communications. Only use this if the email has some relation to my academic institution (e.g. competitions where my school will be represented, undergraduate research-related topics).
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