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I've started programming about a year ago, all my thoughts come from the days I spend not sleeping and coding. The questions I ask are genuine, but at times they might seem conflicting.

Regardless, I've managed to build an 80k lines framework that allowed me to automate creation of products within a very lucrative niche in this one year where as before I had to rely on bad developers to develop the products I'd envision.

I've learned 4 programming languages, numerous libraries and plenty of new concepts / paradigms / patterns.

So far, the results are terrific in terms of success, having released smaller-scale products using the said framework. Thank you for helping me if you ever see my question, you have no idea how much I twist your answer and think of it.

I hope that one day I can help others but for the time being, the more questions I write, the more I feel ashamed by how much I don't know.

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