A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

5 questions
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For questions about distributing open source projects via the JavaScript package manager 'npm', or other open source questions about using packages found there.
14 questions
Questions about the SIL Open Font License
11 questions
for questions about the Open Game License (OGL)
2 questions
for questions about the definition of open source
78 questions
Operating systems are basic software to use a computer. This tag should be used for questions about interaction of operating systems and open source software or open source operating systems
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For questions about the Open Source Initiative and its relationship to free and open projects.
17 questions
4 questions
For questions about the open standard requirement for standard, a standard published and maintained by the Open Source Initiative.
1 question
For questions about ownership of any component within an open project, including but not limited to, rights, intellectual property, and copyright.
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21 questions
For questions about the usages and roles of patents within open projects. This can concern protection of projects/patents, and their implications in licensing, projects, and usages.
59 questions
For questions about permissive licenses, such as Apache or MIT. Note: this does not include public domain or CC0. Use [public-domain] instead.
15 questions
for questions about the philosophy behind open source and free software.
10 questions
A plugin is a piece of software that extends another piece of software via an internal interface.
27 questions
12 questions
For questions about private change to otherwise open source projects
2 questions
Questions about contributors to open source projects who appear to do more harm than good to the project.
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11 questions
For questions about the management of content or resources within a project.
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For questions about works whose authors retain the ability to control derivates or distribution as given to them by copyright law
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The public domain contains works that have no copyright on them, either because the author dedicated it to the public domain or because copyright has expired.
45 questions
For questions about the process of publishing free/open projects, involving decisions such as whether to provide binary builds or which packaging system to use
39 questions
For questions that relate to the Python programming specifically
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