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For questions about the usages and roles of patents within open projects. This can concern protection of projects/patents, and their implications in licensing, projects, and usages.
67 questions
Questions about GNU Project (free software, mass collaboration project) or GNU Operating System (a Unix-like computer operating system composed wholly of free software).
63 questions
For questions that relate to the Python programming specifically
61 questions
For questions concerning the use of linked libraries such as DLLs and linked JARs.
58 questions
For questions about the management of content or resources within a project.
58 questions
For questions about files containing the text of a license distributed alongside or within an open project.
51 questions
For questions relating to Creative Commons' Attribution (CC-BY) license.
50 questions
Questions for the retention and building of community audiences, as well as the contributor and developer communities, that concern open projects.
50 questions
Use for questions about the collaboration aspects of developing open projects
47 questions
The public domain contains works that have no copyright on them, either because the author dedicated it to the public domain or because copyright has expired.
47 questions
47 questions
For questions about generating revenue from an open project
46 questions
For questions about the process of publishing free/open projects, involving decisions such as whether to provide binary builds or which packaging system to use
43 questions
Questions about the linux-kernel, a popular kernel of GNU/Linux operating system.
43 questions
For questions about the information about a project, specifically the documentation of the source code. Questions can relate to best practices, procedures, policies and more.
40 questions
Questions about the definition of free software according to the Free Software Foundation
39 questions
Non-commercial refers to licences that prohibit commercial use, according to some definition which is usually particular to the licence in question.
39 questions
For questions about applying open source principles to hardware design, including schematics, HDL source code and integrated circuit layout data.
37 questions
Intellectual Property is a superset of copyright, and also includes patents, trademarks and trade secrets.
36 questions
For questions about ownership of any component within an open project, including but not limited to, rights, intellectual property, and copyright.
35 questions
For questions about the terms used in the field: their use, effects, and meanings.
34 questions
A binary file is a computer file that is not a text file. In this context this means a program that instead of being source code is compiled for a specific architecture and cannot (easily) be read by …
34 questions
an open project or license concerns the specific use or interaction with an Application Programming Interface (API).
34 questions
For questions about the various distributions of the Linux OS, such as their origins and specific impacts on the community.
33 questions
A plugin is a piece of software that extends another piece of software via an internal interface.
32 questions
Questions about the enforcement of a license; or what to do when someone violates the terms of a license
31 questions
31 questions
For questions relating to law or registered trademarks of software projects. When asking a legal question, be sure to make note of the relevant legal jurisdiction in your question.
30 questions
For questions about security practices as applied to open source software.
29 questions
28 questions
For questions about exceptions to open source licenses
27 questions
26 questions