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Are open source projects growing faster relative to closed source ones?

This totally depends on the dynamic of user base (both users and contributors) as the project evolves. Also it depends on dynamic of bazaar, technology, sponsorship, rivals, etc. So consider this case:...
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Studies about harassment in the world of open source development?

The most comprehensive data I'm aware of is the 2017 Open Source Survey by GitHub. According to it, about a fifth of open source contributors have experienced a negative interaction in an open source ...
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Total number of person-hours spent on writing free software

In 2000, David Wheeler made a serious attempt to enumerate the total amount of code in a representative distro (Red Hat 6.2), finding that it contained around 17 million source lines of code. Using ...
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Licensed Projects: How many projects are licensed without a file?

This makes me wonder: if a project does not need a licence file, and a simple mention in the Readme is enough, then how many projects are actually licensed on GitHub? This is an interesting question!...
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Is there data on the frequency of Open Source License type by industry?

There is data, but it is not available publicly or for free. Blackduck, for example, maintains a knowledge base of this kind of information, but you have to be a customer to access it. I would be ...
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How many open source committers are in Germany?

A typical Fermi question. I know some data for Germany and Europe and will extrapolate: there's 800k programmers in 80M people. Now, a 1-digit percentage of companies in Germany value open-source for ...
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How to identify programming language of a file for Open Hub?

Examining the source for ohcount provided by 3D1T0R, there are various ways that are used. Specifically, for C and Fortran, extensions.gperf shows that for "LANG_C" the file extension "c" is ...
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How to identify programming language of a file for Open Hub?

Ohloh (the predecessor of OpenHub) created an open source (GPLv2) "source code line counter" for gathering this information. It detects which "primary language family" is present in a source file and ...
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Are there statistics showing the usage over time of open source implementations of programming languages compilers/interpreters?

http://www.tiobe.com/tiobe_index has language use history. It does not, however, specify the compiler. Still, very interesting.
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How can I find usage statistics for an open source project?

Repology can be a useful way to show in which software packaging repositories a given project is packaged for, which indicates that users have created packaging control file(s) for the software, a non-...
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