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Hypothetical: FOSS License for Compiler with Ken Thompson's "Trusting Trust" backdoor

Yes. When distributing the binary of a GPL work, you must share the "Corresponding Source" of the work. "Corresponding Source" is defined in Section 1 of the GPL v3 as The “...
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Is the GNU All-Permissive License suitable for source code?

Legally, you can license your code under any license you feel like, even one which doesn't make sense: for example, you could license a piece of music under the Open Database License. In some cases, ...
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Using a FOSS license for binaries created in a hex editor

Most permissive licenses, like MIT and BSD, do not require you to provide source code. There is nothing in your workflow that prevents you from applying one of those licenses to your work. A license ...
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How prohibitive is this Intel copyright clause in Microsoft Windows SDK sources?

... have an open source project going on Github and so far, have been able to comply with all licensing terms and conditions of libraries used, to the best of our knowledge. ... This is a system ...
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