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I agree that the threaded reading and search facilities of many mailing list web interfaces vary between bad and appalling. But the principal advantage of mailing lists over web fora, however good the forum, is that with a mailing list the choice of client is yours, whereas with a web forum you get whatever software the admin has decided to run, for better ...


Ask any contributors to make clear their contributions are under the same license, and that they are legal owners of the contributions (not swizzled from somewhere else), and that they give up any patent rights and so on. Check for some large project using your license, exactly how they do it.


Better fork the repository (it is under an open source license, right?) and hack away at your repository. Working on "company" repo but not being part of "company" could get you in trouble (e.g. if management changes to one even less open-source friendly). Much worse if it isn't open to the public!

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