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For questions about permissive licenses, such as Apache or MIT. Note: this does not include public domain or CC0. Use [public-domain] instead.

A permissive license is a license that tries to give end-users as many rights as practicable for the author. Such licenses include the MIT license, BSD licenses, and Apache. Unlike a copyleft license such as the GNU GPL, a permissive license imposes less restrictions on the redistribution of derivative works.

Derivative works of projects that held permissive licenses do not require the derivative to be licensed under the same license. This is contrary to the principle of copyleft.

You should use this tag when your question pertains to one of these licenses. Also consider using another tag more specifically related to your question: if your question is about the licenses themselves, consider using the license specific tags; if it's asking for a recommendation, use . Remember we also have tags specific to each license, so use these as appropriate.