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6 votes

ExtJs GPL license deprecated

What does deprecated mean exactly, since it is not possible to draw back code released under GPL license from not being allowed to be used under the license anymore? Does it mean, that there will be ...
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5 votes

Where to provide a link to the repository in the distributed software?

Taking your questions out of order, Does the MIT license support my requirement? Not really. The MIT licence requires preservation of copyright notices, and of the licence text itself, but that ...
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3 votes

License choice for a multi-platform C application

There are a few different parts to this: For source distributions, you are (probably) not going to distribute those header files along with your application, so you only need to comply with their ...
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RHEL9 - Can I use RHEL 9 with just the GPL license or do I need to get a subscription

RHEL is (like every other Linux distribution) an aggregation of various independent components. Some of those components - including the Linux kernel itself - are licensed under the GPL (v2 in the ...
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3 votes

Can I use GPL 3.0 license project as library to my private project with MIT license

You can't - the whole point of the GPL is that it is "viral" and forces the whole program which uses any GPL code to be open source. Specifically, the GPL Section 6 requires that you ...
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1 vote

ExtJs GPL license deprecated

Sencha Statement: Yes it is deprecated and maybe wont be released in 8.0 as GPL. We will invest more power an efforts in Community Edition
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1 vote

How can I forbid shady resale practices?

First, you would have to verify that they are indeed violating the license agreement. I have no idea what your license agreement says and only a general idea what these other parties are doing. But ...
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