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Is it legal to use GPL code in plugins of a proprietary app?

The primary restriction imposed by the GPL is that derivative works may only be distributed if they satisfy certain requirements. The GPL gives essentially unlimited permission to produce derivative ...
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Is it legal to use GPL code in plugins of a proprietary app?

The Free Software Foundation believes that a plugin may or may not form a single program when combined with the base application, depending on how it works. The plugins you describe are pretty close ...
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When Bootstrap relicensed from Apache 2.0 to MIT back in 2014, could they have chosen MPL-2.0 to solve the issue they ran into?

It's not a complex way of asking whether MPLv2 is compatible with GPLv2, it's an up-front-and-simple way of asking that! Yes, MPLv2 is compatible with GPLv2, therefore yes, re-licensing bootstrap ...
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Including commercial code in an open source EPL-1.0 project?

Any addition in the form of a seperate module to your open source project (licensed under EPL-1.0) may be licensed independently, including a proprietary license. Therefore, you keep the company code ...
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Licensing my project derived from MIT and AGPL-3 licensed projects

Should I keep both their licenses(MIT and AGPL-3) files. Yes. Even when additional terms are applied when redistributing, the MIT license text still needs to be included. The AGPL is even easier, ...
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