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Understanding the commercial applications of AGPL3

Do I open-source the code under AGPL3, but for people who want to use my software AND don't want to disclose their source code, they can get a business license? Yes. With slight variations, this is ...
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6 votes

Can the non-distributing end user of a software violate the MIT or GPL license?

For GPL, definitely not. Firstly, GPLv3 s2 "explicitly affirms your unlimited permission to run the unmodified Program", with no further obligations. Secondly, s10 grants you "a ...
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4 votes

"Sharing without ATTRIBUTION" when selling 3D printed objects (not the STL source files)

This is not a legal advice for your specific circumstances. Here, in hope of spurring further discussions, here, I discuss the general legal ramifications of creating tangible objects from source ...
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3 votes

What can/should I do when I see a violation to GPL restrictions?

It is now almost 10 years later a third party (the Software Freedom Conservancy, SFC) took Vizio to court, see the Vizio case. The case is still developing, but the court did not dismiss the case ...
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