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If I add a misrepresentation clause to 3-clause BSD license would it remain GPL-compatible?

Yes, such a license would be compatible with GPL-3.0. In particular, the GPL already has the following terms: Section 5(a) is always required: The work must carry prominent notices stating that you ...
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Using Modified Linux in an Embedded device, the source code must be opened?

No: the GPL triggers on distribution, not on use. The owners of the voting machines are the ones who the binaries have been distributed to so they can request the source code, but the end users cannot....
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Allow non-GPL plugins in a GPL main program

As long as you are the sole rightsholder, or have the consent of all other rightsholders, licensing under GPL-plus-exceptions is perfectly lawful. The canonical example is probably the Linux kernel, ...
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Allow non-GPL plugins in a GPL main program

Maybe possible, but could be tricky. As the only copyright holder to the GPL-covered components of the software, you are free to add exceptions and additional terms to the GPLv3, as described in ...
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Allow non-GPL plugins in a GPL main program

I suggest you can use GPL-3.0-or-later WITH GCC-exception-3.1 for your case. That's the GPLv3 with the GCC Runtime Library Exception 3.1. The exception text states: The purpose of this Exception is ...
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Can I create a GPL SaaS front-end application with lots of dependencies to Closed Source libraries

No, you cannot do this. The linking exception is something the copyright holder of a piece of code and only the copyright holder can grant. Unless you are the copyright holder of the GPL libraries you ...
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Is it legitimate to access a Wordpress-based or Wordpress-powered Web site via the Startpage service’s Anonymous View feature?

Usually the website (the HTML code) is not under GPL License, even if the CMS (like WP) is. I believe that the question should be more generic. Something like: "Is a modifying proxy in compliance ...

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