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Can I edit software under GNU Lesser GPL for my paid app

You're most certainly allowed to edit it. That's one of the cornerstones of all free and open software. However, you must also make your edited version available as source code under the same terms as ...
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How can I recover content from an open source project host that has shut down?

You can recover that specific link via the way back machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20150507060802/http://jira.codehaus.org/browse/MASPECTJ-131 codehaus says from their termination page that ...
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Chromium move once Google Code becomes read-only

If you click on the link "this post", you will see this page: It contains more information about the process, including this text: As previously announced, most of Google Code will become ...
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Can we share Season or movies based GIF's in Mobile Apps?

The question could boil down to IMHO: Can I reuse copyrighted media in some FOSS software? The key point is to determine whether or not you are authorized in general to do so. I assume you mean ...
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Can i use google text to speech app for comercial use?

The API (and only the API) is under the Apache v2 License, so you can use that under its terms which includes commercial usage; that doesn't make google's TTS open-source though. Actual access to the ...
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How does C# GMap.Net.Windows NuGet Package and Google Maps licensing work ? Is it legal to use both for commercial use?

The code appears to be legal to use as it's under some sort of permissive license. I read this disclaimer as a hint that Google Maps licensing is separate. For Google Maps you need to comply with ToS ...
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Google Android Codelab code snippets license

Am I under some copyright violations here? (given no license info is mentioned on the website) If there truly is no license given, then you have indeed violated the copyrights on the code because you ...

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