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That is something to take up with the data's owners (github folks, in this case). You also have to consider third party rights, and privacy concerns (as noted by @planetmaker's comment). In any case, the ramblings of random dudes on the 'net should never be taken as authoritative answers until checked carefully.


As HighCharts is not under an open-source license, you have some restrictions on which license you can use for your project. In particular, you cannot use any of the licenses from the GPL suite (GPL, LGPL, AGPL). All of those licenses have the requirement that you have the right to apply the conditions imposed by the license also to your dependencies. The ...


First, verify that the image is indeed MIT-licensed. The project's README (or other documentation) may specify different licenses for code versus other media assets. If the image is indeed MIT-licensed, then there is no copyright restriction against using the image, as long as you abide by the license's terms. Namely, you must preserve the license text and ...

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