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If it is documentation, you can e.g. write a book on emacs, or GNU MP (one example among many), Python or Perl, keep it's source closed and sell it. This is quite common, just take a peek at O'Reilly's offers, some are open source, but not all. Note the software described is under different licenses.


If I use a compiled program [...] which is under a license that everyone has the rights to use and sell (Eg: GPL) [...] and then I want to develop an extended feature for it [...] to be sold for money, to be available only to the person that paid for this premium feature - Must I release this premium feature also as GPL? If your work is a derivative of the ...


Why we cannot have a mobile operating system and application store independent of any country's current political views as an alternative for Google android OS So you're presumably aware that there are many community rebuilds of Android. Nearly all of those leave out the Google core apps (the bits that identifiably tie you to Google, including the Play ...


We don't have an alternative to Android OS because no one has made an alternative. There should be no reason it can't be done, it just hasn't been done. I would expect at this point in time, given the market share of Android, that anyone would have a hard time getting a decent market share with an alternative OS. You would need to offer a strong incentive ...

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