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I presume you want to sell (licenses to) software that uses the icons, not the icons themselves. As long as you don't modify them, and tell your users where to get them (and possibly change them for others) and state clearly under what conditions they are being used I believe you are in the clear.


This is the wrong place to ask about this, as you specifically ask about official (presumably legally binding/checked for accuracy) versions. Any questions of that nature should be placed at the official channels for the license(s) in question (they FAQs, or any contacts provided for legal matters).


Material that is published under any license at all is copyrighted, and that copyright ought to be formally registered with the government. Whether or not it has been registered, however, it is "owned." And, "ownership has its privileges." One of those privileges is that the owner can choose to license it any way he likes, and he can ...


A had “no apparent license”. Without a license, you can do what copyright law allows you to do, which is very little. So It was not legal for B to publish A under the MIT license. Legally, it was never published under that license. Instead, you were duped into thinking it was. Now A is offering a license. B can now be published with a valid license, but not ...


Are the old commits in project A with MIT still considered MIT? No, that code was never licensed under the MIT license: the individual(s) that made that offer to you never hard the right to make it in the first place. You may as well ask if the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge that you bought in an alleyway is still valid, even if the state of New York told you ...


I don't believe it's official, but they do exist at It seems well maintained, at least at the time of this writing. They welcome changes so if anything looks wrong, report it.


Short answer Can you do this? Yes Will they abide by it? Quite possibly not Is it still worth doing? Maybe Long answer As someone who cares about a fair and just society, it's important to remember than a license is one of many tools in your tool box, so you need to ask: a) How will this tool serve my goals? b) What other tools would be better used and ...


No you cannot. Copyright does not regulate use of information Criminals and state actors operate under different rules. There are different kinds of “IP”. Copyright is well-known, but does not cover ideas or methods. Copyright is more about protecting creative expression. Thus, copyright protects your paper as a literary work, but not any methods or ...


You could modify any license to add your personal exception; of course in license like GPL or BSD you would not be compatible with the original license but that is not an issue for you. In general i saw license against ALL military use, see

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