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2 answers

Why is the zlib license GPL-compatible

I've seen several statements that the zlib license is compatible with the GPL. But this does not seem to be correct. The zlib license contains the following clause: "Altered source versions must ...
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Can I remove files that I do not use under ZLib license?

I have downloaded the SDL2 libraries source code and noticed that I do not use the majority of what is in there. However, there are licenses in there under the ZLib license. So my question is whether ...
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1 answer

Do I have to remove the license on zLib-licensed code project in order for it to be integrated into a GPL3, Apache2 or MIT-licensed codebase?

As the title states, if I take one code project that is under a zlib license, and incorporate it into a GPL3, Apache2 or MIT-licensed codebase, do I have to remove the license from the code project ...
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Why is the zlib license not considered copyleft?

The final term of the zlib license state This notice may not be removed or altered from any source distribution. However, the Wikipedia page lists Copyleft No The way I understand the above ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Using a "zlib like" license

I am looking at using this nodejs package and it is labelled as "zlib like" with no further information. What, if any, are the implications of the license being zlib like?
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Why GNU doesn't blame the zlib license of the same _patent treachery_ problems of the BSD-2 license?

GNU comments the BSD-2-clause license in:, referencing the comments on the BSD-3-clause license as all applying to the BSD-2-clause license. ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Are the Artistic Licence 1.0 and the zlib Licence compatible with one another for distributing sources?

The open-source, community-maintained game Simutrans uses the Artistic Licence 1.0 (AL). I know many people regard this as a poor choice, but the core of the game was written as someone's spare time ...
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2 votes
0 answers

Licensing C++ wrapper of C shared lib

I'm doing a little C++ wrapper around a C lib that uses the zlib license. I suppose I have to include this license in my wrapper's files. But what about the other files? I was planning on making a ...
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Can I put my project unter zlib, when I use BSD libraries?

My project uses some libraries, which are licensed by BSD. Can I put my project under zlib license or do I have to follow BSD and put my project under BSD as well?
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3 votes
2 answers

GPL in a runtime environment

I'm making a runtime environment for Squirrel that includes embedded functions for basic I/O needed in games. The idea is that it would just run Squirrel files (.nut or .sq) or its own format for ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Can I relicense software under the modified zlib licence?

In this project, the README says: Code(if not stated differently): (c) Copyright 2015-2016 DeveloperOne; modified zlib-License see "LICENSE.txt" for details. And zlib license says: This ...
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