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Does the WTFPL 2 also allow the licensee to do something they don't want to do?

The terms and conditions for copying, distribution and modification of the WTFPL 2 are quite terse and to the point: You just DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO. However, I'm unsure whether they are also ...
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Found a project with WTFPL, but I think it is a translation of another MIT-licensed project

Let's say a project was called projectMIT and it was written in python. it was not maintained and as of now, it is publicly archived on github. Someone re-wrote it as project(MIT)-rust with WTFPL ...
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Can code that has been given under the WTFPL license and then changed to GPL be changed to anything again after that?

I gave a friend of mine a piece of code that I wrote that I put under the WTFPL license. This was only available in private, between him and me. He took it and published it and changed the license to ...
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Modifying the copyright statement in WTFPL

A project I am following uses the WTFPL but updated the text to replace the copyright statement Copyright (C) 2004 Sam Hocevar <[email protected]> with the project author's name and email ...
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License as permissive as WTFPL but including a warranty disclaimer

I like publishing my software completely open source with no limitations (no contribution required, etc). I thought about using the WTFPL, but it lacks an MIT-like disclaimer: THE SOFTWARE IS ...
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What is the use of attaching a license like WTFPL?

I've been checking out the different licenses and I came around WTFPL. I understand the basic intention of the license. But how much appropriate is this license to use for any work? It says, You ...
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Relicensing WTFPL code under GPL

From brief and rather humorous text of WTFPL license it seems like I can just take the code, slap GPLv3+ sticker on top of it and live happily ever after. Is this really so? Am I missing something? ...
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