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Can a piece of writing created under CC-BY be translated for commercial purposes?

I have come across articles that have been published under CC-BY, that I would like to translate into English to give them a wider audience. I’ll credit the original author and link to the original ...
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Does a GPL image "infect" my blog post?

If I use a GPLed image to illustrate a blog post, does that make the text of the blog post part a derivative work, thus "infecting" it with the GPL? Or do only changes made to the image itself count ...
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How should I release my notes under public domain if they contain quotes from proprietary texts?

I'm keeping a GitHub repository that contains my personal notes. While I feel comfortable with releasing most of the things in the public domain, that repository does contain some quotes, mostly from ...
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What value would open source news have?

The idea of open source (everyone can change and redistribute) can be applied to many things. One could imagine open source news. But would that make sense? After all, news gets old after a few hours, ...
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Can a novel be open source, although it does not have a source?

If I want something I have written release as open source, for instance a novel, is that possible? A novel does not have a source, the work itself is all that is needed to recreate the work. In cases ...
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