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Topics centered around the application of legal licenses to creative works displayed or offered for use primarily in the form of a web page or site via the use of a browser application. Best practices for inclusion, display/aesthetics, specific requirements for enforceability and relative merits of various standard licenses used this way are some examples of specific questions included under this tag.

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How to show MIT License on Icons

I want to use some icons on some links in the footer of my website, such as these. They are under the MIT license. These icons are files by themselves, so I cannot just add the MIT license at the top ...
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Does GPL cover single page web apps fully

If you're trying to make sure future changes to a single page app (including perhaps adding a backend API) are GPL'd, is it sufficient to release the code under the GPL, or is the AGPL required?
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License Comptatibility with GSuite?

Are websites made with Google Sites compatible with GPL 3.0? A prospective user can create a web site with Google Sites using the web editor, but the HTML output, which may be interprited as the ...
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Can the official MySQL connectors be used in a commercial closed-source backend?

The official Oracle MySQL connectors seem to correspond with these GitHub repositories: mysql-connector-cpp mysql-connector-nodejs mysql-connector-python ... They all contain a LICENSE.txt that ...
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How to license a website linking to JS/CSS libraries

I am working on a Django project which uses Javascript and CSS libraries. Every library is unmodified and has its license as comment in the actual files I link to. Their licenses range from GPLv3 to ...
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How can I deploy an open source web app that hosts user data?

I'm thinking about developing an open-source web application where users can enter trips that they have done (touristic or commuting) and then view statistics and maps created from this data. From the ...
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Would it make sense to build an open source project around a paid AWS service?

I'm thinking of creating a web app (details of which I'll give later) with the intention of participating in a hackathon hosted by Hashnode in conjunction with AWS Amplify (link: https://townhall....
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Open source HTML/CSS/JAVA code under GPLv3 license - implication if used for public company website?

I would like to use some open source HTML/CSS/JAVA code under a GPLv3 license to feed into my company website (start up). I am not 100% clear whether I can use the open source code or at which stage I ...
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