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For questions that relate to open source programs and packages version numbers and versioning.

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Change of version of Dependency: Does it constitute a Derivative Work?

We are building a product with 100s of OSS dependencies. We want to fully comply with the OSS license terms. Let's assume our product has a direct dependency "DDep_v1" under MPL-2.0 license, ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Are software licenses version-specific?

When you put a license in your software, is it bound to all the versions of your software, or only a specific version? If I have licensed my software version 1 under license A, and then I developed ...
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Which version number scheme to use when temporarily extending an open source tool?

Assume I want to change an open source library and use it in more than one project, e.g. company C uses library L version 1.0 with license apache-2. The company actually uses a fixed version of it. ...
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