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Has the FSF ever commented on the SSPL?

When MongoDB submitted the Server Side Public License to the OSI for approval, the OSI has publicly announced that they do not consider it an open-source license. Has the FSF (or, if relevant, a ...
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MongoDB's SSPL license: what does "offering as a service" actually mean?

I actually find MongoDB's SSPL license quite hard to understand, especially when thinking about what might constitute „offering MongoDB as a service“. While I do understand that the primary intention ...
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1 answer

How to interpret the SSPL terms on licensing the service under SSPL?

The SSPL as used by MongoDB is a license based on GPL, but not OSI-approved, thus programmes under that license would e.g. not fall under the topic of this community here. Now, reading through the ...
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Can I use my project with MongoDB in docker container and publish it on GitHub under GPLv3?

I have a plan to use own project (Django backend + React SPA) under GPLv3 in my portfolio with repository on GitHub for all parts of my project. My project is simple landing page with text data and ...
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Using Mongo DB in my embedded device as a backend service

I am writing a software for commercial purposes that reads and parses text files for further retrieval and analysis. To store the imported text files I would prefer to use Mongo DB. This DB had been ...
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Can I impose the requirement of a paid license if and only if my software is offered as a service?

I'm getting ready to open source a project that facilitates the deployment, maintenance, and orchestration of data platforms on just about any architecture (locally, on any cloud of your choosing, on ...
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