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Is it legitimate to extract data from Java VM Specification document?

I'm planning to write a bytecode viewer for Java 17 classfile, and distribute my work under some permissive license. In order to keep consistent my implemenation, I'd like to link my code to Chapter 4 ...
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Including copyrighted specifications in an MIT-licensed project

I am working on a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), library released under an MIT license, however, the sources contain XML specifications which are owned by the Bluetooth SIG. As an example, here is an ...
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Is MIT license suitable for an open source specification?

I know the MIT license is suitable for code and its associated documentation. However, is it suitable for an open source specification (without any code)? Or should I use a different license (and ...
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Can I cleanroom code by myself, if public specifications already exist?

I was considering porting some code into a new language. I got as far as opening the file and seeing the header which referred to some licensing situations that I am not comfortable with (a crayon ...
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How is Markdown licensed?

This question probably has a simple answer, but I haven't found it anywhere. I know various Markdown implementations are licensed, but is the Markdown language itself licensed? The reason I'm asking ...
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