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What file(s) (on GitHub) should have the copyright owner's name for GPL3?

Lots of projects on GitHub have a GPL3 License, as it's easily created by their software when you want to add a license and you choose GPL3. However, unlike the MIT license, you don't put your own ...
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Question on license for piece of U.S. Federal Government produced software

The license attached to the script/software reads as follows: “Software code created by U.S. Government employees is not subject to copyright in the United States(17 U.S.C. §105). The United States/...
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How is 'commercial use' of software defined?

Licenses often distinguish between commercial use and non-commercial use. I found different sources discussing this topic: What is commercial and non-commercial? What Does Commercial Software Mean? ...
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Can I put a license on my code if it uses external libraries?

I'm currently developing a software in Python which is importing functions of libraries. So I was asking myself: do the licenses of the libraries I use in my software apply to my code? And if not, can ...
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What does Richard Stallman refer to when he talks about a PS3 compelled update?

I am watching this address by Richard Stallman at TEDxGeneva 2014. At minute 5:04, it talks about a compelled PS3 update. Sony, he said, compelled the users to update their PS3 system, threatening ...
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Reusing the original idea of a project without mentioning it

I found a project that is very clever and I would like to build my own but using some of their ideas. That's basically what I did but now the code is similar, because we follow the same idea, but I ...
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How to evaluate the reach of an open source project when there are 0 projects in its repo dependents?

I am constantly using open source projects during my work. Usually I view the dependents graph to see which other open source projects use it. However, How do I gauge the reach of a project such as ...
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Liability for errors in open source software

Is the government liable in all cases of the open-source software? Who except the government is to accept liability in the first place (later on, liability will be fixed on the erring ...
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Can I use CC BY-NC software for machine learning and analysis purposes?

I have a task at work which requires me to build AI that can do general game playing. Contemplating this task, I have found several games that I would like to use in doing training and analysis to ...
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What are good arguments against my university teacher's justification, which is that the softwares taught are the industry standards?

I will have the chance to take part in a meeting with the whole department of my university program (translation degree) and I would like to address what I believe to be a major problem, namely the ...
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What are the guidelines I must abide by in order to use this code I found on GitHub in my own Chrome Extension?

Here is the code. This too, a large portion of it. I'm not associated with any organization, I'm just trying to create a Chrome Extension that I will post to the Chrome Web Store and expect people to ...
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Can I redistribute node.exe in my commercial Application's Installer?

I want to use node.exe and a very simple Javascript that essentially uses only the net module for some functionality in my product. I don't need anything else. I know electron and other frameworks are ...
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user communication with open source [closed]

regarding using/developing, reporting issues (bugs/usability issues) or requesting new feature, what are the obstacles in front of users to let their voice be heard? what mechanisms and ...
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4 answers

Is there a license which prevents misuse of the source code?

How do I prevent the misuse of my applications and/or their source codes? Maybe something along these lines: You are NOT allowed to bundle this application with anything that may count as: Malware,...
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How should I license my source code? [closed]

I have written a commercial application which contains closed source code and a script API which is open source. Currently I have a CLA similar to this which has to be signed by each contributor to be ...
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4 votes
1 answer

Software license with external libraries

Scenario I plan to share the source code of a larger software that depends on external libraries. The directory structure of the project is as follows src/ ... my source code ext/ ... ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Open Source license for school use, but not commercial use

I am starting a web API for my school and I was wondering what licence would be most appropriate? The goal is to have an open source application that can be freely shared with other school but ...
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Can GPL licenced software be used in corporate environments?

If software is licenced under a GPL license, can it be used without restriction in a corporate/commercial environment? The software that I am refering to is QGIS which provides this description: ...
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For what reasons should you make the user agree to a FOSS licence during installation?

Most Windows installers for FOSS software make the user agree to the licence during installation: there'll be a page where the text is shown and a little tick box, you must have seen it before. But ...
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How can I find usage statistics for an open source project?

Put simply, is there any way to find out how widely used a given open source project is? Say, for example, I am looking for a serialization library. I can imagine various metrics to help choose ...
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