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Open source contributing process

I'm a passionate developer who sought to invest in open source contribution. So, I've learned how to contribute through posting questions/answers on GitHub, issues and pull requests, reporting bugs ......
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copyrights when learning from licensed code and then applying that knowledge to write your own code

When learning from different sources, some of which license their code, is re-applying those techniques and/or knowledge in my own projects considered copyright infringement
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BSD-3 Licensing in Framework's Documentation

I am a Flutter developer, and it's documentation code samples are licensed under BSD-3, does that mean when learning from it and then applying that to my code I should include the license in my code (...
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Does some kind of "Corrections over Evolutions/New Features" quality label exist, giving guarantees about an open source team's behavior?

I've discovered that an open source project I was counting on, was nearly dead by seeing its issues: 80 blockers, 100 criticals, 800+ majors, and a decreasing number of contributions over years. ...
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What is needed to develop a Windows open source graphics driver?

Why is there no open source graphics (means today's AMD and Intel GPUs) driver for Windows which have at least the same level of functionality and performance as the open source Linux drivers? Except ...
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When joining open source project, how to get out of the code review swamp?

This is not my work. I am free just to walk away, but would be interesting to know if any better solution could possibly exist. I do not name the project because discrediting it is not between my ...
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What are the prerequisites for contributing to my first open source project?

I have learned python and SQL and want to start with open source contributions, is the knowledge of python enough (along with git) to contribute or is there something else as well that I need to learn?...
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Where is the VLC changelog? [closed]

There was finally (after like a year) a new minor version of VLC released. Neither the program itself, nor the website, says one single word about what changes have been made. I've spent like an hour ...
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What prevents a large company with deep pockets from rebranding my MIT project and killing me off?

I'm planning to start an MIT licensed project for a Web Server like Apache and Nginx, but primarily targeting the Windows Platform. Those that don't understand open source software are calling me ...
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Is the entire beta/release candidate process of open source projects mostly just "for show"?

This risks offending some. I don't mean to. I'm seriously wondering about this. And it's not at all specifically about PHP; it's just that this is such a major, critical software project which is ...
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GPL libraries on my software

I am attempting to write a Hobbyist OS and found that the CuteOS project is very useful for reference and libraries. The only issue is: it's under the GPLv2, and from my understanding if you use a ...
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Why did Google make Chromium Open Source?

This question really baffles me. What advantage does making it Open Source bring? Aren't they worried someone can learn the secrets in their code and make a competing version of chrome?
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How difficult is it for a developer to combine features from two separate open source solutions?

My company is looking to build a marketplace for peer to peer services. You could think Thumbtack type setup. We have identified two to three open-source platforms we could use as a base, but each ...
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Why would anyone contribute to Android?

I think of open-source developers as people with a certain sense of social responsibility. In that regard, why would someone decide to contribute to Android? Why help Google make more money? How does ...
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Do I need to attribute icons not used anymore but visible on GitHub's previous commits?

I'm developing a mobile app and I'm using GitHub for source code which is set to public, so I can show my friends. I was using some free icons from , which required the ...
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How to effectively browse mailing lists

There are many open source projects whose development is officially discussed through mailing lists (the obvious example being the Linux kernel). Being young and spoiled by nice clean website design,...
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Why don't we have a full-fledged alternative for the Android OS?

Why can't we have a mobile operating system and applciation store that is independent of any country's current political views? It would be an alternative of Google's Android OS. Or if it exists, why ...
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Rebranding existing library under MIT

I bit of background: When I was working in my previous company I came up with an idea to extract all some generic functionality from the different projects and create open source library (MIT) from ...
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Any lasting licensing implications from previously used, subsequently dropped library dependencies or usage licenses?

I will start off with this excerpt from Qt's legal faq to give some context: 3.13. I have started development of a product using the open source version of Qt, can I now purchase a commercial ...
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Can a GPL-licensed library be used in private development builds of a proprietary application?

I'm considering using this GPL-3.0-licensed library as a development aid in a game. Development builds that include this library (and other unrelated tools) would be used by myself and any parties ...
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What are appropriate actions when particular linux project seems dead?

It seems no one reads email list, bugs and the last commit was in 2015. At the same time, the project is heavily used. What would be the appropriate action to find new company to maintain the ...
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What is a good license for a software project template?

I am looking for a suitable license for a current software project. The project is special as it is rather a template, its primary goal is to provide a solid basis for scientific software. Therefore, ...
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What are the libraries Blender is based on for mesh visualization and editing? [closed]

I'd like to make a software on Python with a GUI for 3D visual editing of meshes. That's why I ask the question. I suppose at least one mesh editing library is used. And at least one 3d visualization ...
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A worldwide software todo list [closed]

When someone wants to develop a project but has no idea of what to do, where does he/she go to look for ideas? I guess i.e. github will be part of an answer. But is there any platform out there with ...
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I was told by a project that they only want my help on a few things

I am a young programmer who is interested in many many different types of projects and often start my own projects which are far too large to complete by myself so I went out and tried to find a ...
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Is it legal to publish an open source adapter to a closed source SDK?

OSIsoft, LLC publishes an SDK with their PI System, to which I wrote a python adapter. At this point it is for internal use in our company only, but I think it is potentially useful to other users of ...
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Creating an open-source project that includes Open Game License 1.0a content

Looking through Wizards of the Coast Open Game License 1.0a, and reading around it, it seems it is a weak copyleft license, where anyone can distribute content that derives from OGL content, provided ...
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Where to find interviewees for questions about user experience in open source software? [closed]

We’re two information systems students at Uppsala university, Sweden, currently working on our bachelor’s thesis. The aim of our paper is to investigate usability in open-source software and conduct a ...
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Plagiarism? What are the requirements to Modeling/adapting published research for software development? [closed]

I would like to create a suite of software tools (for commercial use) to be used by medical professionals in their daily practice. This will require that I utilize information published in medical ...
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How can I convince conventional colleagues to venture out into the open source domain?

How can I convince conventional colleagues to venture out into the open source domain? I have worked in large private companies, many are reluctant to adopt any open source libraries for any level of ...
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Cross Platform Open Source Projects

All open-source projects I have come across so far appear to be cross-platform, such as VLC, GIMP, and OpenOffice. All of this software is able to be run on multiple devices, including Windows and Mac ...
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Free Download Manager Development [FDM] [closed]

Is the development of Free Download Manager halted? The last code committed was in 2014 :/ Here is a link to the repository.
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How can a software company cope with more and more customers asking for open source software

My company has invested a lot in R&D over the past 3 years. It led to the development of a system we can use as a base to build custom software for our customers. More and more customers want ...
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Transitioning to Version Control [closed]

Until now, we have not had an application version strategy or version-ed our application. We are considering doing so with our next release. What are the minimum tasks necessary to transition to a ...
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Is it appropriate for me to have multiple project maintainers in this project?

I'm currently the sole maintainer of an API that a friend and I have written. It is currently written in Java, and is designed to make a lot of the low level interfaces high-level, to help ease the ...
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Licensing a project which is still under development

As the title suggests I'm a bit confused when it comes to licencing in the middle of development. Say the following situation (for the sake of argument I'm the only contributor): I make a project ...
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Does a CC BY-SA 4.0 specification lose any AGPL3+ benefits?

If I release a program specification [1] under the AGPL, and the program itself under the AGPL, the two are obviously compatible: I can develop them at the same time, copy text (for example, method ...
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Does the open/free content movement lower the barriers of entry for non-qualified people?

The question Do you need a degree ... was closed as off-topic as it clearly applied to any area of development, not specifically open/free content development. This question is a re-framing, but very ...
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How to keep open source projects up to date

I am working on an open source collaborative project with numerous other people. Often many people are working on it at once. This creates problems with multiple versions of the same file. Is there ...
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