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Questions tagged [restrictions]

For questions about restrictions on open licenses, and for questions about placing restrictions, or handling restrictions with open projects

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Writing a book using LaTeX Project Public License

I am currently writing a book using this Latex Template licensed under The LaTeX Project Public License. Can I print and ...
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Does license prohibition of illicit / malicious use or modification clash with GPL's freedom to modify?

I am building a decentralized community service, where it is critical for each client to run a "legitimate" build version in order for the service to operate properly. The client versions do ...
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Can I have a GPL-compatible license that change by use?

I currently have a project that is licensed under LGPLv3. I would restrict its use so, if the library is used by financial people, war projects etc the license falls into GPL3. First, this kind of ...
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Choosing the most restrictive open-source license

I am working on a not open source project. As I truly respect the ideas behind the free software movement, I would like to also make my own works open source whenever possible. However, I am not the ...
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Restricting the open source by adding a statement in README

My open source project is released under Apache2 License. I want people to use the library under Apache2 however I don't want people to copy the ideas/algorithms when they're building products similar ...
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Do I have to credit small changes to my source?

Say I have a project I've posted on Github and after having it online for a month, I get an email or pull request from someone recommending a small change (For example, they say that on line 123 of ...
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How do I enforce not just the letter but also the spirit of open source for an open culture?

When looking for a strong open source license for a new project, a license such as the (A)GPLv3 provides a round-all catch-all protection against legal shenanigans such as patent disputes. ...
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Restrict commercial use to protect users

I have a piece of software that could potentially be modified to provide revenue, but it is not going to be clear where the revenue goes - I want to add a license condition that ensures all users of ...
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Convergent Licencing

Is there a variation of the GPL/BSD licences that states that you may use modify and distribute this code however you please but in such a fashion that should your distribution of the code compete ...
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2 answers

Is the Maximum Use License for Everybody (MULE) a FOSS license?

I encountered an obscure software license called the Maximum Use License for Everybody (MULE). (I have used text from version 4 below, but my concerns also apply to version 3.) The license first ...
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Is GPL "for research purposes only" self-contradictory?

So I used a piece of software which claims to be open source and is licensed under "GPL for research purposes only". As far as I know, GPL 2 and 3 are not themselves free, in sense that you can't ...
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How to license programming assignments permissively, while preventing solutions from being published?

I have created a few practical programming assignments for a bachelor's course in computer science, which I'm quite proud of. I'd love for my work to be used anywhere, and for any future teachers or ...
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if I include source code with my commercial software, how much will that hurt the height of its sales?

i have an unreleased product i believe to be of great commercial value due to its algorithms. in the future, i intend to do four things in this order: release the source of the software to customers ...
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7 answers

How do I license, "Use my code as per the GNU GPL, but don't put it on GitHub"

I recently received a "surprise" email asking a question about one of my GPL'ed projects, and referring to code downloaded from That was the first I ever heard ...
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Telling authors that they can't have it both ways: Restrictions in readme, and an Open Source license

I've been looking at some minecraft mods. Minecraft mods often include in the readme or on the download page various restrictions: No commercial use Redistributing only if you contact author and get ...
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Is there a license that restricts interpretation of the source except to documentation?

I was reading an issue on python-patterns' GitHub repo. Where it was asked Really? I mean, these are simple snippets showing design patterns for learning purposes, none of this code is usable as it ...
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Is there an open source/free license that allows for restrictions on academic usage?

I study CS at university and obviously do a lot of programming for my course. I'd like to be able to release my source code to show employers and such, but the university is understandably concerned ...
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Pacifist copyleft-like partially-open-source license [closed]

I'd like a license restricting use to non-military projects, but otherwise just like the GNU GPL. (There is obviously no point in making a permissive license like that, because editing a comment is ...
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Copyleft license that allows usage in plugins of closed-source host applications

I wrote a library that I want to release under the GPL to prevent it from being incorporated in closed source software. I do not want people to use this library in their closed source commercial ...
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Are licenses affected if the author adds conflicting clauses alongside?

I see this one quite a lot: an author releases something under a standard free/open license (i.e. not a crayon license), but on the same release page adds a clause that conflicts with the license. I.e....
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Matching Licence Model [closed]

I have coded a program (Java). It consists of two piece a Main Component and the Calculation Component. Limitations for the Main Component: closed source code no commercial use no allowed changes ...
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Understanding 4th point (restriction to distribute modified source-code) of Open Source definition

The 4th point of Open Source Definition - Integrity of The Author's Source Code: The license may restrict source-code from being distributed in modified form only if the license allows the ...
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Do we need to follow the license for CA certs?

Some OSS projects include CA certificates and claims that they are subject to a particular OSS license. For example the certificates in
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Can I restrict who can utilize my software?

Can a project be licensed as "open source", yet place a restriction on who can utilize the software? For example, if my software falls under software export controls, can I continue to license it as "...
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