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Where to provide a link to the repository in the distributed software?

I have a hosted OS project that uses the MIT license attributed to my user name. I also provide packaged releases of the software for convenience (so users don't need to build and package locally). ...
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Releasing a fork of a dormant project [duplicate]

I'm working on an open source project (Zscript), and it is dependent on a (Apache 2 licensed) build plug-in (Maven NAR). I have submitted some bug-fixes we needed to the plug-in's repo which have been ...
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Are there any CI purified Firefox forks? [closed]

Are there any continuously integrated forks of Mozilla Firefox that only use the open source code? If not, why?
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First release of OSS project

How do you decide the right time for the first-release of an OSS project ? Any insight on this would be very helpful.
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Rebranding and selling software under osl 3.0

Is it ok to completely rebrand a software under osl 3.0 (change its logo, footer etc.) and sell it as SAAS, providing the original source code and modified source code both on the GitHub to public?
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4 votes
2 answers

Should a GitHub issue be closed before or after the fix has been included in a release?

I opened an issue on a Javascript library hosted on GitHub. The maintainer pushed a fix to master, but there has not been a new release since that fix was pushed. Should the issue be closed now, or ...
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1 answer

What can I do if somebody copied my MPL-2.0 licensed code and released under their name?

To give more details, I've created a repository on GitHub, and I'm using the MPL-2.0 license (not only as a separate file but also with a copyright notice in each source file). Now, after some time, ...
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GPL - Is it required to post source code to the Public - when is a software released?

The GPL FAQ "Does the GPL require that source code of modified versions be posted to the public?" contains this statement (emphasis by me): The GPL does not require you to release your ...
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Are there cases where not releasing code history led to failure?

One of the problems that comes up around releasing a piece of formerly proprietary software as open source is the necessity to "scrub the history" of potentially embarrassing or legally hazardous ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Are ambiguous JavaScript concatenations by the copyright owner legally significant

Here is an interesting case: A company provides a free (MPL-licensed) library (called JointJS), and furthermore a number of proprietary extensions (called rappid). On their web server they ship a ...
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Are there good reasons to open source "trivial" projects?

Sometimes, I'll start writing some code with no actual expectations about where it will end up or how useful it will be. Is there any point in releasing the code for a small project, mainly done for ...
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