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Porting portions of code under MPL-2.0 to another project and language under MIT

I'm seeking some advice regarding the following situation. I want to port portions of code from a C++ source file, more specifically two methods that implement an algorithm I'm interested in for my PL/...
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Can I pack art assets from a leaked source code repository? [duplicate]

I am thinking about porting a commercial PlayStation game which had its entire development leaked. This game is SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge. The source code as well as all its development ...
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Implementing the same idea under GPL and under MIT

What are the limitations and constraints if one wants to implement the same idea in different languages requiring different licenses? To make it more concrete, say some algorithm should be implemented ...
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What to keep in BSD License when porting package to another language [duplicate]

I'd like to create a package based on an existing library written in a different language. The package will be a simple translation to the another language. The existing project is licensed under ...
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If I translate/port a repository from one programming language to another, do I need to use the license file (Github) from that original project?

If I translate/port a repository from one programming language to another, do I need to use the license file (Github) from that original project? Or can I use my own license file. I intend to use the ...
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Porting Java class libraries

The license for the OpenJDK class libraries is GPL-2.0 with Classpath exception. 1) Is there any issue with regard to Oracle Corporation and copyright if the class libraries were ported to another ...
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Donations for an open source project that is based on other strategy game

I have a question about donations to an open source project that is based on an old strategy game from 90 years (they have own developers and own big publishers and even sells in Steam now). So we ...
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Using code from research paper under different license

There is a research paper with a couple of related numerical algorithms I would like to use as part of an open-source project of mine. The paper itself includes plenty of pseudo-code-snippets, but the ...
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2 answers

Porting python library code into GPL project

I have a project that I have licensed under the GPL3. In it, I have a section of code which implements a bessel filter, which I ported from the python scipy implementation. I'm unclear on how scipy ...
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Project port (to another language), dealing with copyright notices when using Apache license

I was looking for a library implementing a specific protocol for my favorite programming language. I found one, but noticed that it started out as a straight port of another project. However, in each ...
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Porting open source project between languages

What are my moral and legal obligations if I want to port an open source project (software library, BSD-licensed) from one language to another? I also anticipate making some changes to suit my ...
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8 votes
1 answer

How do I license code when rewriting code in another language? [duplicate]

I took the C code from the png2theora example tool of Xiph.Org Theora which has a copyright header: /******************************************************************** * ...
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What license options do I have for licensing ported source code?

If, I port Ruby on Rails (licensed under MIT) from Ruby to Java what license options do I have? Would I have to use MIT or a compatible license?
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