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A plugin is a piece of software that extends another piece of software via an internal interface.

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Does a host application's license apply to plug-ins written for it?

This was prompted by another question which reminded of a past experience. Consider the following: An open-source project supports a plug-in architecture The project is released under a copyleft ...
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Can plugins for closed source software use GPL'd libraries?

I use closed-source scientific software for my work. I also use GPL licensed tools and libraries. It would save me a lot of time to be able to call a GPL library directly from the closed-source ...
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How can GPL terms apply to distribution of a proprietary plugin?

Let's say I develop a plugin for third-party application X. My plugin has a non-free license, and is commercially distributed. I don't distribute application X. Application X is licensed under GPL, ...
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Must a plugin for a GPLv2 work also be GPLv2?

I would like to develop an addon/extension plugin for an existing WordPress plugin, to add some premium features, but the base plugin's source-code is under GPLv2, which makes me doubtful... Is any ...
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Can plugins for non-gpl open source software use GPL libraries?

I want to write a plugin for an open-source software which is not GPL, but has a GPL-compatible license (MIT/BSD). I would like the plugin to use a GPL library. Can I do this? My rationale: Since ...
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GPL Application linked to a LGPL library loading proprietary-plugins

This is a bit similar to what asked in this question, unless that here the case is that the application only directly loads LGPL code, and this one then may dlopen a proprietary lib, so: GPL Program ...
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Can license-incompatible program communicate with GPLv2 program via websocket?

I'm writing a program for automation under a license that is incompatible with GPLv2 (it's dual-licensed: GPLv3/Proprietary). Let's call it my automation program. And there is third party GPLv2 ...
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Can I use Event Organiser plugin in a commercial plugin for WordPress?

Can I use this plugin in a commercial plugin for WordPress?
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WordPress: is extending plugin allowed by GPLv2?

I would like to extend an existing plugin (for example FileBird), to add some features, and later publish and sell it off... But although the plugin's source-code can be simply downloaded from ...
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WordPress: only built plugin GPL licensed

We are developing WordPress plugins. As WordPress itself is GPL licensed we must publish our plugin as GPL, too. Our complete plugin development environment is built on top of a lot of devDependencies ...
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