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Sell app, but make source available for the curious [duplicate]

I'm working on a desktop app. It's a passion project today, but I'm hoping it'll be part of my path to becoming a full time indie dev. In my development process, I've benefited a lot from looking at ...
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I was told by a vendor who licenses their paid software under GPL v2 that I cannot include the software inside my framework. How so?

They're a pretty decently sized company within the space and I assume they did their due diligence and so, I'm wondering if I misunderstood something. Are you not allowed to include paid software (A) ...
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Why am I being asked for a license key to use an open source product?

I am testing the Tyk API Management solution and it asks me to provide a license key: Why this product is not fully available for free? What ...
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How can a paid/proprietary module be combined with an open-source platform?

How could licences be chosen to allow this? As an example, how are things done with paid addons with Prestashop?
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How can a software company cope with more and more customers asking for open source software

My company has invested a lot in R&D over the past 3 years. It led to the development of a system we can use as a base to build custom software for our customers. More and more customers want ...
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What is the benefit to using open source alternatives?

When downloading software I often see open source alternatives. Many of these look quite similar but never quite the same. I continue to buy the paid version. Recently, I started to wonder if the open ...
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