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Why is the Non-Profit Open Software License (NPOSL) OSI-approved?

Recently I came across the Non-Profit Open Software License; tl;dr Legal says this about it: A variant of the Open Software License 3.0, this license requires that the organization using it is a ...
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OSL v3.0 - Can I sell my software based on OSL v3.0 code source?

Can I sell my software based on OSL v3.0 code source? Can I open the source code only for my customers? Can I limit the my changes to original source code, that is, a customer can't sell, modify or ...
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When does a dependency imply a derivative work?

I'm building a program which gets certain info off the net, makes calculations, then sends the info to the net again. I don't program the 'taking off the net' and 'sending to the net' parts though; ...
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Does OSL 3.0 require user access to source if I sell access to it as SAAS?

We are a small group of developers who are looking to base a product we have in development on a OSL 3.0 licensed Project (OroCRM). I have been having trouble understanding the exact terms of the OSL ...
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